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Community Translation Organization (CTO) is a not for profit, non-government organization empowering rural communities in Cambodia by creating sustainable livelihoods to eradicate poverty and by promoting mutual aid and community work.

Rural families in Cambodia lack access to clean water to drink and produce rice and vegetables, education to make quality goods to sell in the market, and infrastructure for household electricity. 

We focus on building a Civil democratic community based organization (CBO’s) such as SHG, VSLA, Farmer Cooperative and other women based or led grassroot groups to promote their social and economical rights. and building their capacity, so that thsese CBO’s can work as representatives of the members and as defenders of the most vulnerqble pepole (women, ethnic minorities). 

We believe that the most vulnerable people can work to improve their social and economical status when they are given practical knowledge, skills, and needed tools. Then CTO is working to translate their obtained knowledge, skills into actions, we call it empowerment. 

Translation Awareness Into Action, that is how we got our name « Community Translation » .

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Join CTO in the fight against poverty in Cambodia!

What do we do ?

We build irrigation canals and water reservoir infrastructure to provide rural villages with access to water, educate farmers in advanced agricultural techniques to improve natural resource managment and facilitate training on forestry and water sanitation and hygiene, to improve livelihoods of Cambodia’s rural villages. We also work in the pedagogical area, trying to teach how the familiy and the community should manage their money in the most efficient way. Finally we are promoting gender-equality and children education to empower and prepare communities for the futur.

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How can you help ?

Fund a new project. Ever since CTO was founded, we’ve been working with international organizations with whom we build long-term, sustainable projects. CTO is currently looking for new partnerships. Please get in touch with us.

Make a donation. CTO provides global aid to Cambodia’s poorest communities, funded by official donors through partnerships. As an individual, making a donation means bringing individual help directly to a particularly poor family or child.

Engage as a volunteer. Since CTO’s inception, we have been working with both local and foreign volunteers. We need help both in the field to support the project managers, and in the office, either to support the administrative work or manage the communication (website and social networks). 

Who we work with ?

CTO has been working to allevaite poverty in rural communities of Cambodia in partnership develoment agencies and government agecnies such as UNDP, World FoodProgram, Oxfam America, AusAID, WEEFFECT, Engineer Without Border, AdvanceEngineering, and ActionAID Cambodia. Concerning the government agencies we are working closely with department of agriculture, department of water resources meteorologies, department of women’s affair.

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