Community Translation Organisation


Luk’s story

Luk and her family were living in Ballangk commune, one of the most poverty struck areas in Cambodia, without access to water and irrigation systems for food and farming.

« I had to go into the forest to collect food and hunt animals. I had to send my child migrate to Siem Reap town to earn money as labor worker to feed our family. »

After CTO built 100 hectares of water reservoir and 18km of irrigation canals in the rural area, Luk and her family can now access water for agricultural farming.

« Now I am able to access water in our area and grow rice twice a year. During the rainy and dry season, I grow mangoes, fish and have drinking water for my family. My family and I now don’t have to travel far for this basic necessity. »

Now, not only they are able to feed their families, but they are able to sell products to the market and earn income to improve their livelihoods.


Sela’s story

Sela and her schoolmates were attending their school in the rural village of Thlok Kombok without any access to a facility to study and gain knowledge of her interests.
« I dit not have a place where I could research my assignements or share information with friends. »

After the library was built by CTO as an annex to the existing primary school, Sela and her friends can access extra reading materials and learn more about particular topics including agriculture and the environment.

« I am very happy because now I can read books with my friends, and learn many new things at my school library without having to travel far. Now I am reading an old story book called Koulikomnaen and it helps me with my reading skills. »

The new library has facilitated Sela and her classmates to learn more and has encouraged Sela to aspire to become a school teacher to teach future children how to read and write.


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