Community Translation Organisation


Community Translation Organisation (CTO) is a Not For Profit, Non Gouvernmental Organisation empowering local communities in Cambodia.

 CTO has been established through a localization process from Human translation, a US-based Organisation and was recognized by the ministry of interior in 2009. Its head office is located in Siem Reap province. 

Our presence is quite new in the challenging development world but CTO has a strong committed team for its mission. CTO is led by a Cambodian executive director and governed by a Board of Directors whose members are experienced people in social enterprise and community development. 


Urban and rural people can improve their livelihood when they are given proper tools.


CTO supports community people from urban and rural areas in Cambodia to be able to  improve their livelihood in a sustainable way by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and networks. 

We focus on building civil and democratic Community Based Organizations (CBOs) such as Self Help Groups, Farmer Cooperatives and other women based or led grassroot groups to promote their social and economical rights and build their capacity, so that these CBO’s can work as representatives of their members. 

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