About this strategic plan


Some successful NGO’s follow this simple concept :

That is why, any NGO that want to be successful of its mission need to write their business plan (Plan what you do) and execute the plan accordingly (Do what you plan).

CTO is implementing AAC-funded community development project in Ballngk commune and Otdar Meanchey province and at the same time, CTO also implementing other community development project. Under AAC-CTO partnership, the project component comprised of, namely: rice bank, children right, agricultural production, SHG, school library, cow bank and right based program. 2015 would be the last year of the program time and CTO-AAC is preparing for a phase – out strategy.

AAC is committed to build it local partner NGO and during the partnership period, AAC has extensively provided and supported CTO institutional capacity and technical capacity. Over the years, CTO capacity has improved but so far CTO has not practical strategic plan after AAC Phase out fully in March 2016.

AAC has assisted CTO financially to develop this strategic plan.


See our strategic plan here.