Why we created the “Sowing Hopes” campaign:

We were inspired to create the “Sowing Hopes, The Cambodian Farmers Project” because we realise the struggle that Cambodian farmers face to earn income due to lack of agricultural technology.  In fact, 80% of Cambodia’s population depends on agriculture for income.  However, we witness that high intensive labor and low prices restrict farmers from generating income.

The Sowing Hopes Project hopes to sow hopes in the Cambodian farmers’ lives, and raise funds for a rice grain-milling machine, and conduct training for them.


Our impact:

Impact we’ve made thus far

In the past decade, CTO has helped farmers shift from consumer farming to commercial farming.  This is so that farmers can earn more money per month.  Instead of producing rice to feed a family, commercial standards allow farmers to work together to build a group businesses of  farming activities, where they can produce surplus to sell to markets and create a stable income.

Building farmers an agro-business

Consequently, we successfully established 3 farmer cooperatives or enterprises in Samrong Yea, Keo Poar and Pouk districts.  This has enabled farmers to improve their agricultural productivity, yield and quality to achieve higher levels, so that they can enter the farming market at competitive prices.


The Challenge:

Hand-processing rice or paying middle men is costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive, lowers quality of rice, lowers selling price, effectively lowers income.

Our farmer cooperatives struggle to produce high-quality rice without the technology and training needed.  They endure harsh labor to earn small money from the agricultural products they produce.  When producing rice, farmers plant seeds in the field.  Once it is ready, the rice is hand-picked by the farmers, who deliver it to the shed.  This is then dried out in the sun.  Once dry, farmers hand-sort and pick the rice so that the quality grains remain, or they pay the middle man which costs a lot of money.  This is then sifted so that it is finally ready to bag and sell.  Farmers struggle for a more efficient and effective way to improve rice yields.


What is needed?

We need your help to raise AUD$6000 to purchase a high-quality grain-milling machine for 120 farmers in our cooperatives in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Will you join us and donate to our campaign to help “sow hopes” in the farmers in Cambodia?

Thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters, we have some great rewards on offer to recognise your contribution!

Tipping Point Goal: $6,000
Total Funding Goal: $8,000


Tipping Point goal

The Impact you can make if we reach AUD$6000:

Your support in our Sowing Hopes Campaign will:

  • Provide a rice grain-milling machine for the farmer groups made of 120 farmers in Siem Reap
  • Conduct installation and function training for all farmers on methods of using the machine and the benefits and sustainable procedures of the technology


Ultimate goal

The Impact that is made if we reach AUD$8000:

Your support in reaching this ultimate goal will:

  • Provide a higher-quality grain-milling machine for the farmer group of 120 members
  • Provide livestock and feed for the 120 rural farmers’ families to grow their small enterprise and generate better incomes.


The result?

  • Increase speed and quantity of rice production

The grain-milling machine will replace the time-consuming step of hand-sorting and picking the rice.  Rice production can be cut from 3 days to 3 hours, resulting in significantly increased quantity produced.

  • Decrease labor of farmers

Farmers can easily feed the rice into the milling machine for it to sort and pick, and farmers can focus on time with family or other activities.

  • Increase quality of rice

This will increase the quality of the rice that is produced, becoming more aromatic, the grain will be very fine, drier and tastier.

  • Sell rice at higher prices

Consequently, farmers will be able to sell their rice bags at a higher price, and become more competitive in the market.

  • Significantly increase farmers’ household incomes and improve community livelihoods

Overall, 120 farmers will significantly grow their agro-business.  Instead of making small profits to produce an income just enough to feed a family, farmers will produce larger profits enough to support their families in providing better education for children, better domestic housing facilities, transport to and from markets and schools, medication for the ill in their family, and grow their small agro-business and thrive on better incomes for a better future for Cambodian farmers.


Thanks to…

Mateo Rozo
Mateo is a photographer and videographer who is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for the past 2 years.  He is of Colombian origin, and was inspired to travel around the world to photograph for his portfolio and create documentaries.

Rubaa Zubair
Rubaa is a graphic designer based in New York.  She has been freelancing for the past few years, and has exhibited her artwork in many exhibitions around the U.S.  She inspires people around her for her passion and creativity and desire to help communities.

Community Tours Cambodia
Community Tours Cambodia is a social eco-tour enterprise, established by Community Translation Organization.  Tours and bike rentals are conducted in Siem Reap around the villages and in town. All profits made go towards rural village projects. Visit www.ctcambodia.org for more information of their tours and projects.

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