CTO is a local Cambodian NGO which is recognize by ministry of interior and its mission is work with rural communities especially farmer community to be able to improve their livelihood and economy in a sustainable way. Since CTO is only newly established in 2009 thrugh a localization process of www.humantranslation.org , its presence is quite new in a challenging development work but CTO is having a strong committed team for its mission. CTO is governed by a Board of Director (BoD) which comprise of three members who has been working in development work for long time. The board main work is to approve annual budget, recruitment of director and the policy of CTO. 

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Rural communities can work to improve their livelihood and economy when they are given proper tools, knowledge, skill and resources.


To participate in community’s poverty reduction and economy development through developing infrastructure, agriculture, natural resources management, eco-tourism, environment, educational and livelihood improvement.

CTO has been working to allevaite poverty in rural communities of Camboida in partnership develoment agencies and government agecnies such as UNDP, World Food Program, Oxfam America, AusAID, WEEFFECT, Engineer Without Border, Advance Engineering, and ActionAID Cambodia for the government agencies we are working closely with department of agriculture, department of water resources meteorologies, department of women's affair. 

We focus on building civil democratice community based organization (CBOs) such SHG, VSLA, Farmer Cooperative and other women based or led grassroot groups to promote their social and economical right and voice and building their capacity, so that thsese CBOs can work as representatives and interest of poor members mainly women, most vulnerable people, Ethnic minorities. 

We belive that poor and vulnerable people can work to improve their social and economical status when they are given practical knowledge, skills, and needed tools. 

Then CTO is working to traslate their obtained knowledge, skills into actions, we call it empowerment. Translation Awareness Into Action, that is how we got our name "Community Translation" .