ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Our approach to securing change puts human rights front and centre, prioritising empowerment, solidarity and campaigning.

We help to empower excluded groups by raising rights awareness, strengthening grassroots organizations and social movements and enabling people to have a say in the formal power structures that affect their lives.

We strengthen solidarity by connecting and organizing people committed to a common cause, building alliances and deepening understanding and public awareness of poverty and justice issues.

We campaign to mobilize people to take action, advocate for change and push local issues up the agenda at regional and national levels.

Our three strategic objectives

Strategic objective 1. By 2018 smallholder farmers, artisan fisherfolk, women and children in 75 communities where we work will have improved food security and control over their livelihoods.

Strategic objective 2.  By 2018, 90% of girls and boys aged 6-15 in the communities where we work will equally enjoy their right to quality public education. 

Strategic objective 3. By 2018, 8,000 women in urban areas and 70% of women in rural communities where we work are organised and challenge gender-based violence and gender inequality in all aspects of their lives.

From 2013 to 2018 we are committed to advancing three strategic objectives and delivering on tenchange promises. Each of our objectives falls under the banner of our overall strategic objective:

“The rights of poor and excluded people will be protected, with particular emphasis on food security, quality public education and women’s rights with smallholder farmers, artisan fisherfolk, women and children.”